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Common Windshield Damages You Must Know

Foreign debris and rocks can damage your windshield. Accidents can also result in damages to this part of your vehicle. Accidents are the primary cause of damages to the windshield. In such cases, cracks, chips, or even complete shattering occurs. Depending on the nature and extent of damage, you may either repair or replace the windshield. If you are in search of windshield replacement services, it’s essential to know the popular types of windscreen damages. Below are the most common types of windshield damages.

Bull’s Eye

A bull’s eye windshield damage is larger than a typical ding or chip. It results from larger debris or rock hitting the windscreen. The bull’s eye windscreen damage presents as a circular break on the windshield. The size of the damage crack will determine if to replace or repair the damage.

Edge Crack

windshield damage

This crack may start from the edge of the windscreen or in a range of 2 inches from the edge of the windshield. The crack develops rapidly and extends to about 10 to 12 inches. The best remedy for this crack is the replacement of the entire windshield.

Stress Crack

A stress crack results due to wear and tear of the windscreen. Prolonged exposure to heat and cold leads to weakening of your windshield. It advisable not turn on your air con after parking your vehicle in the sun for hours as this will weaken your windscreen. Though stress cracks can be repaired, if the damage is extensive, replacement may be the only option.

Cracked Chip

A cracked chip is single windscreen damage that has an impact point. In a majority of cases, this type of crack is repairable.

Floater Crack

A floater crack emanates from the center of the windscreen. The depth and the length of the crack will determine whether you’ll repair or replace the windshield.

Combination Break

broken windshield

As the name indicates, this type of damage results in cracks, chips, and dings. If the breaks are minor and superficial, repairs are possible. On the other hand, if the repairs are in-depth, replacement might be the only option.

Chip/Stone Break/Ding

This type of windscreen damage results from a rock or debris hitting the windscreen while you’re driving. It’s one of the most known types of windscreen damages. When you are driving, you run a small rock or debris that lands on your windscreen resulting in a chip. In most cases, this damage is easily repaired via a method referred to as chip repair. If the damage can’t be repaired, you’ll need to replace the windscreen.

These are the most common types of windscreen damages. Once you take your vehicle to the windscreen repair company, they’ll advise whether to repair or replace the windscreen depending on the kind of damage and the extent.…

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