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Top Qualities of a Good Dentist

Dental problems are common, and there is a possibility that you have sorted for dentist services at some point in life. Thus, an excellent dentist requires knowledge and expertise to carry out dental procedures. In addition, they have to develop other qualities and skills such as people skills, sound artists, and excellent business skills. In most cases, after completing their residencies and internships, dentists will start their own business and require more than dental procedures. Below are the qualities of a good dentist.


Manual Dexterity

an experienced dentistManual dexterity refers to the ability to make precise movements while maintaining coordination sense throughout the dental procedure. Hence, manual dexterity will always come in handy for an excellent dentist. Besides, the mouth is a relatively small space where the dentist performs the work. Therefore, the procedures will need steady hands and good coordination. Thus, having fine motor skills and the ability to manipulate tools accurately in a small space ensures that your dentist will be accurate at their work. Moreover, they should have stamina as they may be required to stand for long hours.

Interpersonal Skills

Due to their nature of work, dentists should be people person. It is the work of your dentist to make you comfortable and feel at ease while carrying out the dental procedures. Furthermore, they are meant to care for their patients and make the procedures less painful as possible. In addition, they should have good people skills since they work closely with other staff, including hygienists and assistants. Also, when discussing treatment options, they should be honest to build your trust.

Attention to Details

dental hygieneWhen working in a small space as your mouth, dentists cannot afford to miss out on even tiny details. Therefore, a good dentist will be detail-oriented. In this manner, your dentist should be attentive to those essential details that can distinguish between misalignment and proper alignment of the jaw. Furthermore, they should also spot small pieces that can be early indicators of dental problems or bodily ailment. Thus, a dentist who has a sense of details will save you from simple mistakes that can be costly to your dental health.

Compassion and Honesty

Finally, a good dentist should be honest and compassionate. Generally, dental problems can affect various areas of your life, and the dentist needs to be sensitive to such issues caused by poor dental health. When a compassionate dentist is treating you, you will feel comfortable and at ease. Additionally, they have to be honest to trust their judgment and have peace of mind with their advice.